- First Five Annual Concert

On Sunday morning, the 24th of February 2013, the children of First Five Preschool brought to life a great event of the past, “The Circus”.

The circus band opened the show to a packed audience followed by the Playschool kids who had the audience enthralled with their enactments of flamboyant flamingoes, agile monkeys, smart parrots and performing penguins.

The Nursery and the L.K.G. classes were not to be left behind and performed their dances as, rocking teddy bears, roaring lions, galloping horses, funny clowns, pretty ballerina girls, and acrobats with great aplomb.

The UKG children put up a wonderful play on ‘The Musicians of Bremen‘, who after a long struggle join in the circus and achieve fame and fortune.

In-between the show, the strong men came and tried to lift heavy weights and flex their muscles, but were put in the shade by a pretty ballerina. The audience was left in splits by their antics.

The entire circus enactment was done through eurhythmics and the children enjoyed themselves enormously, while the fond parents clapped enthusiastically for their little ones.

The versatile teachers of First Five indeed put forward an amazing annual concert.

All in all a great show by the little STAR PERFORMERS of The First Five Pre School.
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- Sports Day
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- Sense Station Day
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- Global Village Day
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- Field trip to Meet Community Helpers
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- Back to School as Pirates!
   The First Five Preschool celebrated its annual Grandparents    Gala with a lot of fanfare.The theme this year was on Pirates    and it was really great to see all the grandparents walking in    with pirate hats and eye patches. The teachers were dressed    as Jack Sparrow and other famous pirates and made the    children play games such as walk the plank and dig for gold.    The grandparents had a chance to unlock the treasure chest    and win a gold coin. They enjoyed singing and dancing to old    hits with the teachers while watching the show put up by    them. The children made beautiful pirate gift bags and    headgears with their grandparents. There was also a    scrumptious buffet laid out for them. A photo shoot on an old    pirate’s ship made a lovely take away for all the dadas and    dadis to remember the day by. It was a great day for bonding    between the children and their grandparents.
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- Visit by the UKG students to the Blind School
  July 2011

   The children of the UKG class at First Five visited the Blind    School at Koregaon Park. The idea behind the visit was to    discuss with the children the importance of the five senses.    The children also learnt that visually challenged people    could do all the work that others could. The parents    donated generously by sending provisions for the blind    children's hostel mess. Thanks for the great response!!!
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- First Five Concert
   First Five Preschool presented a lively rendition of “ONCE
   UPON AN ARK” on Sunday 6th March, 2011.

   First Five children brought alive a great experience of the
   past. They performed the story of Noah and the great flood
   in their own special style. From the idyllic Garden of
   Eden, the scenes flowed to the great deluge with children
   participating as happy animals and Noah’s extended

   From the tiny tot club, the kids had the audience
   enthralled with their dance as happy animals on the
   famous song “I like to move it”. The playschool and
   nursery children were not to be left behind and performed
   their dances as timid bunny rabbits, roaring lions, rocking
   robins, agile monkeys and even sweet little bumblebees.
   While the lower and upper kg children wove the thread of
   the Noah’s story and their marvelous enactment made the
   parents go back and relive the entire story.

   The enactments were done through eurhythmics and all
   the children enjoyed themselves enormously while
   the fond parents clapped and cheered enthusiastically for
   their little ones.

   All in all a great show by the little star performers of first
   five preschool.   
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- Christmas Carnival
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- Sports Day
   Sports day brings out the best in the children, teachers
   and parents as was displayed by First Five Preschool on
   Sunday, 28th November, 2010.The function opened with a
   mini marathon followed by colourful cheerleader dances,
   in the bright yellow and orange school colours of
   First Five. The theme of the sports day was “Nursery
   rhyme Land”. The children brought alive the nursery
   rhymes as they ran the races as Little Miss Muffets,
   Pussy Cats from London, Mice from the famous Hickory
   Dickory Dock and Mary’s lamb with little more spirit.
   Responding to the loud cheeringparents, children put their
   best foot forward. The children’s event ended with the
   lower kindergarden children dancing to the beats of the
   famous Waka Waka song by Shakira.The icing on the
   cake were the parent races where mummies and daddies
   displayed their sporting spirit by joining in the fun.
   All and all it was a happy and fun filled day for all.
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- Cultural Day
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- Global Village Day
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- Under the Sea with Dad
   The Tiny Tot kids at First Five had an amazing time with
   their dads on Saturday, 9th October. The theme for the
   event was “UNDER THE SEA” The toddlers spent the
   morning with their dads who took time off from their hectic
   schedules and relaxed with their young ones at First Five
   Preschool. The little ones went fishing with magnets for
   sea turtles and searched for oysters in the sand. They
   also fed the hungry octopus bright colourful balls. The
   puppet show on “ The Lost Fish” enthralled the dads and
   kids alike. Both the dads and the babies danced to the
   beat of the scintillating music of “ Henry The Octopus” A
   beautiful beach related food corner was laid out with
   umbrella cupcakes, fruits and tropical drinks for all. All in
   all it was really a rocking party for the babies and the
   dads at First Five Preschool.
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- Bakers Basket
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- Beach Party
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- Teachers Tour
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- UKG visit to Railway Museum
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- Community Helper
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- Sense Station Day
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- Special Day - Meet Laila the Dog
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- Summer fun at First Five
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- The Winds of Change at First Five
    “ The Winds Of Change” blew into the open doors of First
   Five Preschool and opened up a vista of seasons.The
   Children took the audience through a lively experience on
   the sea shore dancing in the summer time wearing their
   beautiful yellow polka dotted bikinis. Then the little
   performers became frogs and widdle waddle ducklings in
   the monsoon time, and then spread a little chill in the
   breeze with the dancing snowflakes and frosty the
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- Operation Christmas Child at First Five    PreSchool
    First Five Santas At Aum Fountain:
    In keeping with a warm spirit of Christmas - The Season     Of Giving, was seen at the Aum Foundation, when the     children of First Five donated gifts and delivered them     personally to the children of Aum Foundation.
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- Children's Day
     The Idea of a Global Village was presented by the      children of the Upper Kindergarten as part of the      Children’s Day Celebration at the First Five Pre School.      more..
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