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-Grandparents Day

Grandparents are special to every child. Their bed-time stories are integral part of everyone's growing up years. The contributions that grandparents make to schools are immeasurable. As you know, many grandparents are highly involved in their grandkidsí schooling. They drop-off and pick-up their grandchildren, they attend school sporting events and performances.

Grandparents are the ones who introduce music to a child in form of prayers and lullabies. First Five celebrated and acknowledged this wonderful bond by organizing a day with grandparents in musical way. Tiny tots in colourful attires were all excited to perform before their grandparents. They tapped their feet and danced to various tunes. Dramas unfolded the little ones love for their grandparents.

First Five did a great job of reviving moral values. These days, children often don't respect or have time for the elderly and go about doing their own work. I am happy that our kids learnt to value and understand the importance of their grandparents.

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