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"The concert with the decoration, the costumes, the theme and the music was just perfect.
The teachers really worked hard and it showed. 3 cheers for the whole group.
Grand for us!!! We will never forget it."

-Sonali Choradia, Mother ( Arham,PS I )

"It was really a great experience to see the children performing in such a nice and
beautiful way. Salutes to the teachers."

-Sweta Agarwal, Mother, Sarthak , PS I

"The event got better and better as it progressed and the last performance left us speachless.
This is the third annual concert that we have attended and it keeps getting better.
It was a privilage watching the kids put up the stupendous show. Kudos to the principal,
the teachers and the entire staff for giving us a great saturday morning experience.. Thank you all. "

-Arvind Y, Father, Ashi PS I

"The concert was put together very well and managed very effeciently.
The best thing about it was that the whole class got to participate and
there were no Bollywood songs enacted. The musical play was fantastic. "

-Chandralekha, Mother, Nakshatra, Nursery !V

Grandparents Gala

"The Grand Parents Day is really
Grand for us!!! We will never forget it. "

-Mrs. S. S. Pansare (Adit's grand mother)

"Excellent! With all the grand children, we too became children. "

-Asha Pavar (Siya's grand mother)

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Sport Day

"A heartful applause for all teachers, co-ordinators and staff.
An effort that cannot be appreciated in words, a great job. Very innovative. "

-Pranav gandhi - father of Thuvisha Gandhi ( lower kg)

" Theme, presentation amd organisation, everything is just excellent.
I personally feel that no school will match this quality. Great job done! "

- Mrs Deoskar mother of Swara Deoskar- ( lower kg)

"A morning full of joy and energy.
Heartiest gratitude and congratulations to the passionate and innovative organisers.
So innovative . And so caring. Thanks. "

- Pradeep Bhargwa- Grandfather of Diya Joshi ( Nursery)

" Very well organised and reminded us of our school days, the practise, the hardwork, the excitement.
Truly a treat, good fun! Thank you for making it so special for my child. "

- Namrata Dakshindas- mother of Dhruv Dakshindas ( Playschool)

"FIRST FIVE ROCKS! Awesome day we had. You guys are warm and nice.
Thank you for your love towards our kids. Love you guys "

- Mrs Agarwal- mother of Arsh Agarwal( Playschool.)

India Day

"Excellent! Way beyond expectation! Lot of effort put in by the teacher! Truly Apreciated! "

- mrs Lulla- mother of tissya Lulla ( lower kg)

"Lovely concept, wonderful effort done by th entire First Five staff. Thanks all the teachers. "

- Mr. Singha- father of Pratik Singha ( lower kg)

"Unique theme and fantastically executed. Kudos! Thanks all!"

- - Mrs Joshi- mother of apurva joshi.

Sense Station Day

"I really love the innovative ways you use to teach the children. Very well done. "

- Mrs gadekar-mother of aman Gadekar ( Nursery )

"Awesome show and sense stations! Very educative and interesting for kids and parents too. "

- Mrs Marathe- mother of surabhi Marathe.(nursery)

Global Village Day

"A real experience to taste and understand all countries and their cuisines for kids and parents. "

- Varsha Patil- mother of Vedang Patil (ukg)

"A very enthusiatic and sportive way of giving knowledge.
Though a start for a small platform, good way og giving stage daring and building courage for kids.
Nice games and food. Enjoyed. Good effort. Big thanks to the teachers. "

- Mrs Anekar- Mother of aditya Anekar (ukg)

"Wow, hardly in 30mins, we could explore almost the whole world.
What a beautiful platform for children. Absolutely a true learning lesson. "

Mrs Lunkad- mother of Arham Lunkad ( ukg)

Graduation Day

"A big thank you to first five preschool, all the teachers and staff
for their proffessionalism and the efforts they take. We have seen remarkable difference and improvements in Soham.
He has learnt so much in pretty much all and various aspects of subjects.
Most importantly he has become very inquisitive. Thanks for everything "

- Atul Dambalkar- father of Soham dambalkar ( upper kg)

"It was a great learning experience for my child Reyna. Thanks for all your efforts. "

- Rajan Kaloni father of Reyna Kalani ( ukg)

Once Upon an ARK- Concert

"My son had delayed speech and was a social recluse,
One drawback of living abroad. The concert brought out confidence and team spirit.
Such a remarkable change all due to the school. "

- Prajakta Deshpande Mother of Shlok Deshpande( Nursery)

"What can I say? As good as BROADWAY.- Mother of Zanetta Aga ( Lower kg)
Getting the children to play a story with some of them making multiple
entries was awesome! Great job and great thinking. "

- Chandrarekha Patil- mother of nakshatra patil ( Lower kg)

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